Core Values of

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Our values serve as a cauldron to shape our prospective actions and ensuing behavior:

Leadership: The spirit to excel

Passion: Thoroughly devoted to our mission

Perseverance: Relentless determination against all odds

Collaboration: Collective genius is a force to be reckoned with

Integrity: Be real with moral stamina

Accountability: Fully accountable for what we do.

Quality: We care the most.

Equitability: ‘Fair to all’-we believe in.

Transparency: Open to all

Innovation: Our winged-chariot to Future

Altruism: We love people

The Mission of

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The gladly savors the enduring and challenging mission, our fundamental purpose and raison d’être, of undertaking all the legal démarche for the ultimate benefit of the needy and the underprivileged by providing categorically free legal advice and cost-free legal proceedings incorporating higher interest, low legal latency, collaboration, reliability, and privacy, hence, making its mission altogether altruistic and philanthropic.

Vision of

5:17 am in Free Legal Counselling by Ihsan Chaudhary

Our vision, buoyed up by our mission and core values, aims at making idyllically great place to find free but proficient legal advice where people are inspired by the integrity, teamwork, and innovation to excel in bringing to the generality an exemplary, sustainable, state-of-the-art, transparent, trustworthy and quality portfolio where adept legal advice are disseminated gratuitously and swiftly making it an envy to other legal charities.

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Welcome To Free Legal Counselling

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Free legal counselling is a charity  project of Sleek Systems Pvt Ltd. Aim of Free legal counselling foundation is that provide free legal services to all poor peoples who can not spend money on legal counseling.

We have a big panel of Pakistani and International Lawyers those provide free services to our selected clients for totally free.

This is the beginning of Free Legal Counselling Foundation.

We hope you will appreciate us for this new services.


Sleek Systems Pvt, Ltd & Free legal Counseling Foundation