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4 Reasons Why you might Need a Superannuation Lawyer

Just about every Australian citizen would have superannuation, which is for their retirement, and with the employer making contributions, the system is set up to give working people a secure retirement. There are occasions when a person might need access to some of their superannuation, and if they qualify, this is possible. If you would like to know more about the role of a superannuation lawyer, here are just a few of the instances when you might require their services.

  1. Income Protection Insurance Claim – Income protection insurance is there in the event a person were to be unable to work, for one reason or another, and if you have this insurance and are unable to work, you should make contact with a legal practice that has experienced superannuation lawyers on their books, and go from there. Typically, am employer would pay an employee for up to one year, and after that, the income protection insurance would compensate until the person reaches retirement age.
  2. Total and Permanent Disability – In certain cases, perhaps as a result of an injury or disease, a person is permanently disabled and therefore requires a high level of care, and in this case, it is advisable to contact an experienced superannuation lawyer, as this happens to be just one of their specialties. To successfully claim for TPD, the claimant must meet the requirements, and having an experienced lawyer in your corner can really make a difference, and if the superannuation lawyer is excellent, they would have an impressive track record.
  3. Accidental Death Benefit Claim – A deceased person’s family can claim for this, and by discussing your situation with an experienced lawyer, you will quickly find out where you stand, and there are many families that have made successful accidental death benefit claims. A deceased person’s family has a right to the person’s superannuation, which can be used for children’s education and other important things.
  4. Critical Illness Insurance Claim – It is possible to take out an insurance policy to protect you against critical illness, such as a heart attack, or a form of cancer, and should a person have such insurance and then falls ill, it might be possible to make a claim, and this is the time to talk to an experienced superannuation lawyer, and with online solutions, a quick search and you should arrive at the website of a suitable legal expert who can help you.

Superannuation is a critical element of a person’s future well-being, and is designed to not only provide for the person’s future, but the funds can sometimes be used in special circumstances. The only way to really be sure whether you have a legitimate claim, is to discuss your situation with an experienced superannuation, and with experienced legal experts online, making contact has never been easier. Hopefully, you will never have to make a claim against your superannuation funds, and when retirement arrives, you and your partner can relax and enjoy the best years of your life.

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