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A Sensitive Side of the Law

When it comes to civil proceedings, lawyers are hired as our advocates, to represent our best interests. Family law is something tricky, because it is emotional and stressful. We’ll need to hire a lawyer who is sensitive to our needs, as well as being certain they’ll be able to get the job done, and receive the best possible outcome. Here are some things to consider when hiring a solicitor to deal with family law.


Many things we tell our lawyers about a divorce or civil dissolution are likely to be very personal. We may have never told anyone else apart from close family or friends, yet we need to disclose this to our legal advocates to ensure they can fight for the best possible outcomes. Therefore we’ll need to know we’ve hired a lawyer we can trust, someone that is going to be sensitive, and also discreet. Divorce, separation, custody, or guardianship are all very sensitive issues, and usually the main priority is to minimise the stress on the children.

Treading Carefully

Another side of family law which is very delicate is that of domestic abuse. Likewise, confidentiality is of the utmost importance to any legal firm dealing with the issue of domestic abuse. There are family lawyers in Nottingham and other major cities that can arrange a private consultation, away from their offices, at a place to discuss the issues discreetly at a time and place that is most convenient to you. You can know that you don’t have to suffer in silence, and lawyers can arrange certain court orders and injunctions to assist you if your safety is being threatened.

Receiving Financial Help

Dealing with family matters is an extremely stressful area of the law. Not only will you be treated with the best professionalism from lawyers who are trained in this expertise, but they will also help you financially wherever possible. In some situations Legal Aid, or free legal care (fees paid for by the government) is possible, so it is always worth approaching a lawyer to help you even if you are unsure about the financial implications. Even if you are not sure you can afford the services of a solicitor it is always best to contact them first for a consultation to see if any public funds are available to you.

Gaining the Correct Assistance

Family lawyers are here to help us. They are trained in certain aspects of the law, and are professionals in their field. They are specialists in the area of family law, which can cover many aspects including divorce and custody. In this case lawyers will work hard to make sure to reduce the stress on the children especially. Domestic abuse is another sensitive area of the law, and family lawyers will work discreetly to ensure your safety. If you are unsure that you can afford a lawyer, but feel like you could do with their assistance, then it is worth contacting a legal firm anyway to see if any financial aid can be provided to you. You shouldn’t hesitate to contact a lawyer to deal with any aspect of family law.

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