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An Ultimate Guide to US immigration Process

Planning to migrate to US? You must be careful about the below mentioned points. According to immigration firm in Burbank, CA, US immigration procedure is very complex and even of you commit a minor mistake then it is most likely that your application will get rejected; hence you should be very careful in filling up your forms and following the procedure. For your convenience we have listed below some of the main points that you should be careful about while undergoing the US immigration process.

  • You should be very careful in determining under which category you need to apply for the visa. There are two types if visa- immigration and non-immigration. Although it is pretty straight forward to determine under which category you should file your application, if you are not very sure then you should ask your attorney about it. Under the immigrant visa program there are 4 main categories- refugee, diversity, skilled labour and family unification. Among the four categories that we mentioned, skilled labour is the biggest and most used category.
  • If you are applying under the skilled labour category then your application will go for a lottery because there is an upper cap on the number of H1b visas (the name for this category) that the US government issues for this category. The interview process for this category is not very stringent but there is one requirement that your employer will have to fulfil. Your employer needs to file an application in which he will have to sate why he needs an immigrant labour for the job and why he cannot get it done by a US national.
  • Every application for immigration to the US goes to the UCIS committee. This committee decides on question of whether this person should be allowed or not for immigration. The committee may take some time for taking a decision and hence you should apply well before the timeline.
  • Every US visa grant, except under the refugee category, is preceded by a visa interview. The interview has different weightage for different categories. It is the most important step if you are applying for a visitor or tourist visa. US consular officials are trained not to be friendly with applicants and hence you should expect them to be little unfriendly while questioning you.
  • Getting a US visa is a costly affair because you need to pay a non-refundable $160 US visa fee.

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