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Defining Family Law - What One Needs to Know

The practice area that is associated with legal proceedings like divorce, child custody, adoptions, etc. is known as family law. There are specialized attorneys who fight such cases that deal in the above mentioned areas. But it is of utmost importance that you be very careful in selecting an attorney for this absolutely sensitive issue.

Marrison Family Law is a law firm that is reputed to have some of the best lawyers who specialize in divorce and other family law cases. They have an experience of almost quarter of a century and that is what enhances their expertise in the field. Based in Colorado Springs, this law firm has been bringing back light to the lives of the residents of this place who have gone through the dark times of either a divorce or any other family law case.

Suppose you are caught up in a case of emancipation, paternity or other issues related to divorce you can even find lawyers who specialize in that. The States have the right to enquire about the “reasonable formal requirements” pertaining to marriage that may include the age and legal capacity. In fact, the state has the right to decide the rules and regulations related to divorce and other family law matters.

The general concept of family law is that it is related to Divorce, but the fact is that there are many more issues that are considered under this category. The Marrison Family Law firm will be able to guide through all these issues very ably as they totally understand the pain that the families go through. The other legal matters are as follows:

  1. Child custody: also known as child support the court takes the final decision as to where the children will be placed post the divorce, however this decision may change with changing situations of the parents.
  2. Divorce: this is the most commonly legal matter incorporated in family law cases, in which each partner hires his and her own attorney, to come to a settlement. Often when a couple finds it absolutely impossible to bear up with each other they resort to a divorce through they are legally allowed to stay separately. A divorce involves several other things like compensation or alimony that needs to be settled by the court.
  3. Paternity: this is usually filed by a mother in order to secure the support payments of the child, when the father is absent. Though a little rare, yet there have been reported cases when a father files this case so that he is able to maintain a relationship with his child even after the divorce. The DNA testing determines a paternity.
  4. Adoption: this is a rather complex process and has many variations. The rules and regulations vary from state to state. It is about taking responsibility of a child who is not biologically born to you.

It is hence that it is important that always consult a good family law attorney who will be able to guide you through such difficult and crucial decisions of your life.

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