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Get the Legal Compensation You Deserve For Dog Bites

You are bitten by a dog. We know this can be a nightmare. You will most likely be rushing to a hospital to take a tetanus shot and worried about getting the wound dressed and treated by a medical expert. Even when you are under stress you also need to remember that you are entitled to get compensation for the dog bite. In this article we discuss how to claim your compensation if you are bitten by one and how to avoid getting bitten by dog.

Types of compensation

Generally, three types of compensation are available to a victim of dog bite – economic, non-economic, and punitive.

  • Non-economic compensation – This type of compensationis given for any non economic suffering the victim had to undergo. For example, things like mental stress, trauma etc. come under this category.
  • Punitive compensation is provided as a means of punishing the dog owner for their irresponsible behavior.  For example, if a dog has a history of attacking other people and the owner still did not take sufficient precaution to control their dog, then you can claim punitive compensation.
  • Economic compensation has direct bearing to the expenses you had to pay including hospital bills. This type of compensation is aimed to cover any financial expense you had to bear as a result of the dog bite. These include things like medical treatment costs, ambulance expenses, and so on.

How to claim dog bite compensation

To receive such compensation, you will have to submit adequate proof to the court, detailing the damages you have suffered. And only a well-experienced lawyer can help you in determining which evidence is admissible in court to prove your case. So, get in touch with a good attorney in case you have suffered a dog bite. You can search on the net or ask for references from family or friends to finalize one. Also you need to make sure that the attorney you hire is a reputed one.

Tips to help prevent dog bites

And for those people who haven’t been bitten by a dog, the pointers below should help in avoiding such incidents.

When you see an aggressive dog from a distance, stop and walk away from the dog. Never run in such circumstances. Dogs are wired to chase what they see as a prey. And by running with your backs on them, the dogs might also consider you as a threat.

When you bring a puppy home, you should start teaching it not to bite people right away. This will reinforce the idea that they are not supposed to be biting any human beings.Never surprise a dog. Most dogs can get instantly aggressive when they are startled and might even attack you without a second thought.

Keep the above pointers in mind to avoid dog bites and even if you are bitten by one even after taking these precautions, worry not. You can get compensation with the help of a good attorney.

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