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Helpful Tips to Help You Avoid Drinking and Driving

Many road accidents are caused by drink driving, making it a growing problem that we all must take measures to avoid doing ourselves. While sometimes motorists fail breathalyser tests despite being under the limit and need to enlist the services of a good traffic lawyer experienced in representing in clients on drink driving charges, most of the time these roadside tests don’t fail to accurately detect the amount of alcohol in the driver’s bloodstream.

If you want to avoid drink driving charges, keep a clean driving and criminal record, not put your life and the lives of others at risk unnecessarily and not have to hire the best drink driving lawyers in Perth to represent you, please take note of the following tips.

Designate a Driver

No one wants to be the designated driver, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun and if you’re with a regular group of mates and you take it in turns, then you won’t be the only one who isn’t drinking when everyone else is. Appointing a designated driver is a responsible act that saves lives.

Chip in for a Taxi

Whether your preference is to hire a traditional taxi or an Uber, which many people find to be much more affordable, throwing in with mates to get a ride is a wise move, one which can help you all to avoid drink driving and not have to hire a drink driving lawyer to represent you against the charges.

While paying for private transport is going to be more expensive than driving yourself, that’s only the case if you don’t get caught by the police and hit with a whopping fine or you don’t get into an accident. As both scenarios are quite likely should you choose to drink and drive, there’s a very good chance that you’re only going to find yourself paying more.

Watch What You Drink

Whether it’s a Sunday lunch or a beer after work, there are often times when we have a drink and then get behind the wheel, so you need to make sure that you don’t exceed the limit. The best way to do this is to watch what you drink and pay close attention to the units of each drink that you consume. If you’re not drinking from a bottle with the alcohol units on it and you’re not sure, ask the bar staff, as they can tell you how many units of alcohol are in each drink they serve you.

Have Something to Eat

Food can help to slow the absorption of alcohol, so if you’re having a couple of beers or glasses of wine and you’ll be driving later in the day or evening, have something to eat and make sure you take a break before getting behind the wheel. It isn’t worth taking any chances.

Drink driving ruins lives, so don’t be another statistic or find yourself in need of legal assistance from a good drink driving solicitor, use these helpful tips to avoid drinking and driving.

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