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How Common are Personal Injury Cases

Personal Injury claims are frighteningly common in the US. The National Center for Health Statistics, has states that around 31 million people sustain injuries across our country each year that require medical treatment. Of these, some 2 million are severe enough to require some form of hospitalization. Additionally, 162,000 of these injuries are fatal. The U.S. Department of Justice estimated that some 16,397 tort cases were tried nationally, based on a sample of state courts across the country. It is important to understand how significant this actually is, since only 4% of personal injury cases actually go to trial. The majority settle out of court. So if this estimation is accurate, the actual amount of personal injury claims in the US is above 400,000.

From the disabling injuries, disfigurement, pain, suffering, stress and anxiety, to the loss of wages and time at work, to the expensive medical and counseling bills, being injured in an accident can consume your life in ways you have not considered and can last for a lifetime.

The initial reactions to a personal injury often range from shock, to anger, to hopelessness and often the combination of the three can overwhelm you. Our first response is usually to reach out to a loved one and then soon thereafter, an insurer who should provide coverage. Too often however, we find that the insurer will not provide the needed coverage. So in addition to all of our other challenges, we end up in a fight with them about what happened and the extent of our injuries. This is why it is so important for us to be aware of our options and our rights when we are injured due to a vehicle accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, assault, premises liability, faulty product or basically any other way. And this is why we often need to speak with a lawyer like the ones at, who specialize in personal injury claims.

Personal injury is a very specific area of law that requires a lawyer trained to interpret the series of events related to the case and advise how the law applies. The victim needs to understand that personal injury cases are civil rather than criminal, and as a result, the burden of proof of personal injury is based on a lower burden of proof than a criminal case. In personal injury a victim need only prove preponderance of the evidence, rather than reasonable doubt. This is key because a person can be brought up on criminal charges in the same case and lose and still be found guilty in the personal injury case.

The goal of a personal injury claim is for the victim to receive financial compensation for his injuries, rather than criminal conviction of the defendant. Injuries can include physical and mental and compensation can be for pain and suffering over a specific period of time or for a lifetime.

With it being one of the most common types of law cases in the US, it is important to understand how common personal injury is and how to recognize when you might be a victim. The process begins with your detailing the circumstances relating to your being injured and discussing these facts with a reputable personal injury lawyer.

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