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What Are The Most Common Propaerty Disputes?

Whether you are dealing with a private house or commercial business property, there are several contentious issues that you might have to deal with. When you have a problem with a property, you need to make sure that you hire a quality lawyer to assist you with the case.

Then you will reduce a number of problems that you are going to encounter. What are the most common property disputes that people encounter on a day-to-day basis?

Co-ownership Issues

Co-ownership occurs when two or more people have a stake in a piece of property. This could be a private property or this could be a commercial property such as a hotel. Co-ownership issues can arise when one person wants to sell the hotel in order to cash in on their share and the other owners are in dispute.

These issues need to be resolved as quickly as possible with the help of lawyers in Bradford. They will be able to advise you about your full rights as a co-owner in this situation.

Border Disputes

Every property will have its borders outlined in the contract. It is important that these borders are not altered without permission. Two properties that are next to each other can sometimes run into border disputes regarding fences and hedges.

These disputes can become quite adversarial and may last for a long time. In order to resolve border disputes favourably, it is an extremely good idea to enlist the help of a fully qualified property lawyer. They will assess your case and will let you know whether you have a strong chance of winning the border dispute.


Encroachment occurs when trees or property cross the border between two properties. You might find that your neighbour’s tree has started to grow over the fence and that it is blocking out a lot of sunlight to the garden. You might also find that the extension that the neighbours have built comes onto your land and blocks you in. This matter can be resolved when you hire an experienced lawyer who can help you to win your case in civil court.

Land Possession

Land possession disputes often occur in the countryside where the borders are not so clearly defined. You might encounter people building property on your land without express permission, or you might face a challenge from someone that claims they still own the land that you have recently purchased. This can be a stressful situation and you need to enlist the help of a quality land possession lawyer to make sure that you win the case and can retain ownership of the land that you have inherited or bought.


Squatters are people who move into a property that is owned and refuses to pay any rent. You can hire a lawyer to make sure that the squatters are removed as soon as possible.

Property disputes can be extremely frustrating, so you need to make sure that you are well-prepared for finding a good lawyer.

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