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What are the Requirements for Becoming a Canadian Citizen and How to Apply for it?

Becoming a Canadian citizen is not as hard a process as you would imagine. While you do have to meet certain requirements if you want to become a citizen, you do not have to go through some arduous process once those requirements are met. If you are a little bit anxious about the process, we would advise that you go here and take a look at a sample Canadian citizenship quiz, to give you an idea about the types of questions that you would see during the examination. While there is no guarantee you would get those questions on your test, it is a good way of knowing the types of things you need to have knowledge about if you want to ace your test.


We can start with a bit of information about the requirements that are necessary in order for you to qualify for Canadian citizenship. There are four major categories, and we can talk about all of them right now. The first category involves being a permanent resident who is over the age of 18, or the under-18 child of someone who is a permanent resident, and applying for citizenship. Permanent residents do not have to apply for citizenship at any point, if they do not wish to change their status.

If you are or were a member of the CAF, or the Canadian Armed Forces, you are able to fast-track the process of becoming a Canadian citizen. You may want to talk to someone within the armed forces, or visit their website, for the specifics about how the process is fast tracked. They will be able to help you regarding the documents you need to fill, and any other criteria you have to meet. But when all of that is done, you will be ready to take your test.

There are also those individuals who were Canadian citizens in the past, and they now want to get their citizenship back. The reason they may have relinquished their citizenship is because some other countries in the world do not allow you to hold a dual passport.

If you have adopted a child who was born outside of Canada, you do have to go through a process in order for them to become a full citizen of the nation.

If you have recently married a Canadian, you may have thought you were automatically entitled to citizenship. However, it does not work that way. What you have to do is go through the process of becoming a permanent resident. And then you are able to go through the process, in the same way as everyone else, of getting your citizenship.

Citizenship Test

For those who meet those requirements, you are ready to take your test. We advise that you spend some time taking practice tests, and then studying the relevant sections of the test where you are having problems. It is always better to go into such a test, especially where you might feel nervous, with enough preparation to see you through!

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