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When Does an Ex-Convict Need a Lawyer and Why Do They Need Them

In every state or nation, lawmakers implement rules to maintain order. Police officers and peacemakers are employed to assure that everyone is doing the responsibility of following those laws. But that doesn’t mean that there are no lawbreakers. Whatever reason one has for breaking the law, the system needs to punish them as the law excuses no one.

If you feel that you have been accused of a crime you did not do, you can always ask assistance from a lawyer and clear your name. Lawyers will be in charge of you during the trial and will help you clear your charges or at least, lessen the punishment. If, in the end, you are still found guilty, you will be sent to jail directly.

After you’ve served your sentence, you might try and avoid having contact with any lawyer, police officer, or judge again. However, there are lots of cases when you actually need to see one or all of them.

Here are different instances when you need to get a lawyer again.

  • Applying for a pardon.

Ex-cons apply for pardon to help them reclaim their civil rights and conceal their criminal records. There are types of pardons and you will need a lawyer to explain these to you. Your lawyer will also ensure that you get your application approved.

Applying for a pardon requires a lot of patience because it takes a while before it is granted. Luckily, you can hire a lawyer to do all the tedious task and just wait for the result. To know more about getting a pardon, visit nationalpardon.org.

  • Getting arrested for another crime.

Recidivism  is when an ex-convict commits another crime after being out of the bars. When you do, then you will need a lawyer again and will have to undergo another trial process. This new crime will be added to your records. Every time you pile up another offense to your records, it’ll be harder and harder for you to apply for a pardon.

  • Discrimination in job seeking.

It is hard for an ex-offender to get a job after imprisonment. It is because some employers are particular with their employees’ background. It’s common that when they find you have a criminal record, you will be directly discriminated. However, there is a bill against discrimination of ex-cons, especially when applying for jobs. When this happens, look for a lawyer. Ask what move you can do with those employers who are using your records to humiliate you.

Final Thoughts

There are still a lot of times an ex-convict will need a lawyer. When they happen to have an incident that requires legal advice and counseling, they will definitely need an attorney.

Being an ex-convict or a former offender does not necessarily imply that you are less than a human. Everyone has the right to correct their mistakes, and to change for the better. Yes, your records are stained with your crime, but never lose hope and have faith with what you can achieve. Everyone deserves a second chance, and if that is given to you, don’t waste it.

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